Sonic Origins Release Date

Leak: Sonic Origins Release Date, Description Reportedly Revealed by Australian PSN Store (Update #2)

The Sonic Origins release date and official description have been reportedly leaked on the PSN Store for Australia and New Zealand. This Sonic collection of games was originally announced during Sega’s Sonic Central presentation back in May 2021, which announced both Sonic Colors Ultimate and a “next-gen Sonic game” that has since been revealed as Sonic Frontiers.

What is the Sonic Origins release date?

Update 2: The Sonic Origins release date will be June 23, 2022, as revealed by a new trailer from SegaAmerica posted below. The leaked released date of June 6, 2022 was indeed a placeholder.

Original Story: As leaked by a tweet by MondoMega, the Sonic Origins release date is assumed to be June 6, 2022; however, this may be a placeholder. According to the official entry for Sonic Origins on the AU Playstation Store, the release date is still “to be determined” (at the time of this writing).

What is in the Sonic Origins games collection?

Though the release date requires official confirmation, the entry for the Sonic Origins games collection has unveiled new details on what is in this compilation. First and foremost, the game description confirms that Sonic Origins will come with four Sonic games, all “newly remastered” and “in polished high definition”: Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Sonic CD.

Better yet, all four games will come with two difficulty options. Classic mode, as the name implies, lets players experience them in their original resolution with a limited number of lives, while Anniversary mode revamps them in fullscreen resolution and gives players infinite lives so they can learn from their mistakes and easily reach the end.

All four games will have a brand-new opening and ending animation, and the game description promises that there will be new areas to explore. It’s unclear what these new areas might be, but it could allude to alternate paths.

In addition, completing missions between these four games will earn players coins that they can use in the game’s Museum to unlock new content, challenges, and Special Stages. The official PSN entry also shows that there will be opportunities for in-game purchases, which could mean buying coins with real-world money to unlock items in the Museum faster.

Offline play, Remote Play, and Game Help are all supported, and Sonic Origins can be played co-operatively with two players.

Purchasing the PS4 version of Sonic Origins will also give players a free copy of the PS5 digital version. However, owners of the PS4 disc copy must insert it into the PS5 disc slot to be given access to download and play the PS5 digital version.

Update 2: As noted above, the Sonic Origins release date is June 23, 2022. The June 6 launch date has therefore been debunked. The new trailer also reveals that the release platforms will indeed be PS5, PS4, Xbox Series consoles, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

Update 1: The Sonic Origins page has now been fully published to the PlayStation Store, confirming the leaked list of features. However, there is no mention of a release date, meaning a longer wait until the leaked June 6 launch is confirmed (or debunked).

Original Story: While this PSN entry confirms that Sonic Origins is coming to PlayStation consoles, it’s still unclear if it will appear on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC. However, it’s assumed so as the game is meant to arrive on “the latest platforms” according to the Sonic Central stream in May 2021.

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