EA Sports PGA Tour Deluxe Edition

EA Sports PGA Tour Deluxe Edition Includes 3-Day Early Access Before Release Date

Electronic Arts has announced that the EA Sports PGA Tour Deluxe Edition will give players 3-day early access to the game. This means that those who have the Deluxe Edition, or have an EA Play subscription, can begin playing it starting March 21, 2023 instead of the game’s worldwide release date of March 24, 2023 for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, or the EA app.

Deluxe Edition also includes early access to Augusta National

In addition to the main draw of having 3-day early access, the Deluxe Edition includes early access to the signature Masters course at Augusta National, which is already a huge draw for the game. It also comes with 1500 PGA Tour Points and a PGA Tour XP Bundle, though it’s currently unclear how they will be applied to your progression or your character’s profile.

In addition, the Deluxe Edition is also bundled with The Masters Gear, which is a caddy bag and club sleeve with The Masters logo emblazoned on them. While you’ll likely swap these out over the course of the game, they are meant to emphasize EA Sports PGA Tour having The Masters course in the first place over its main competition, the PGA 2K series. In fact, it’s the only upcoming golf game that will feature all four majors in men’s golf.

Altogether, the $84.99 price tag for the Deluxe Edition, which is $15 more than the Standard Edition, is looking like it will be worth the cost of admission for some golf enthusiasts. Either edition can be pre-ordered at the game’s official website here.

The latest gameplay trailer for the game shows off the Pure Strike shot system that incorporates data from ShotLink and TrackMan for accurate golf swings and ball behavior.

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