Dead Space 2 Remake Rumors

Dead Space 2 Remake Rumors Sparked by New Easter Egg

Rumors of a Dead Space 2 remake have begun to swirl due to a new easter egg in the newly released Dead Space remake. This easter egg is not found in the original Dead Space and supports the idea that Electronic Arts may already be thinking about a sequel.

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New logs in Dead Space Remake hint at possible sequel

Several text logs become available in Dead Space remake once players have finished the game and unlocked New Game Plus, as pointed out by Gamespot. One of these logs in particular comes in the form of an email chain that goes through a conversation between several characters about where they might seek employment in the near future. It’s here that they mention Sprawl as a prospective location for a new job.

As Dead Space fans know, the Sprawl, otherwise known as Titan Station, is where Dead Space 2 takes place. In the sequel, Isaac Clarke arrives on the Sprawl, a space station that is built on the remnants of Saturn’s moon, three years after the disaster on the USG Ishimura. So this log provides a natural set-up for a possible Dead Space 2 remake.

That said, Electronic Arts and developer Motive Studio have yet to confirm a Dead Space 2 remake. But considering the critical success of Dead Space remake, which we gave a fairly high score in our review and currently stands at a high 90 on Metacritic for the Xbox Series X|S version, a follow-up sequel wouldn’t be much of a stretch.

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