welcome home arg how to play puppet show

How to Play the Welcome Home ARG Puppet Show Game

The Welcome Home ARG is doing the rounds online, with this creepy alternate reality game based on a fictional 1970s puppet show being widely shared on social media. But how do you play this unique and eerie oddity? Here’s all you need to know about the website that will let you experience the story of Wally Darling, Eddie Dear, and the show’s other troubled stars.

How to play the Welcome Home ARG

You can play the Welcome Home ARG by visiting its official website. With this being an alternate reality game, this isn’t a game in the traditional sense, meaning that it mostly involves clicking around to unravel its bizarre story.

It’s recommended that you begin with the ‘About Us’ page, which will outline exactly what Welcome Home is along with providing a few hints that not everything is as it seems. As revealed on this page, the website is part of the ‘Welcome Home Restoration Project,’ dedicated to “compiling, restoring, and archiving what few remnants of Welcome Home has been uncovered.” The Restoration Project operates anonymously, and you’ll soon come to understand why are you begin learning more about the puppet show.

Welcome Home was created by the artist Clown Illustration in 2022, but has gained considerable traction recently after being discussed by a variety of popular content creators. The artist has also uploaded various designs related to the ARG on their

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