Temu Nintendo Switch $7 Ad Real Fake Legit Scam

Is the Temu Nintendo Switch $7 Deal a Scam?

Temu Nintendo Switch $7 ads have been circulating the internet, but many are rightfully wondering whether it’s a scam. On the face of it of course, being able to buy a Nintendo Switch, which still retails at $300, at such a discounted price sounds too good to be true. Here’s whether the Temu Nintendo Switch offer is real or fake.

Is the Temu Nintendo Switch $7 deal legit or fake?

The Temu Nintendo Switch $7 offer is effectively fake. As noted by users on Reddit, it’s essentially a bait and switch tactic to try and get customers to sign up for the popular shopping app.

Those who clicked through the ad say that the Nintendo Switch becomes mysteriously “sold out” within moments of opening its entry page on the website. Users also say that the site will occasionally say that it will give out a certain number of Switch consoles for $7 at a specific time, coupled with a timer countdown. But then when the time arrives, there’s actually no deal. Another user also says that the Switch ad is really for a case for the console and nothing more.

This is fairly disappointing, since Temu does actually have real items for sale. Like Wish.com, it’s an online store that has plenty of products at ridiculously low prices, mainly due to low manufacturing costs in China. It could, however, take weeks to receive any item you purchase on the app and it might be at a lower quality than you expected. Temu is also not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has received many complaints on the agency’s website.

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