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The Last of Us HBO Episode 3 Viewers Spot a Heartbreaking Joel Moment

The Last of Us continues to impress audiences on HBO. Last week’s installment, Episode 3, told a love story unlike many others we’ve watched on TV, between post-apocalyptic world survivors, Bill and Frank. If you listened carefully enough, you could hear the sounds of millions of hearts breaking across the globe, as they watched the romance the couple shared from its very beginning, to its ultimate end.

One observant viewer noticed a particularly poignant moment in the episode, that a lot of people watching may have missed. It took place in the present day, when both Ellie and Joel had made their way to Bill and Frank’s compound. Here’s what happened.

Frank lives on through Joel in beautiful moment from The Last of Us Episode 3 on HBO

Bill and Frank may have chosen to end their lives together, having found their purpose in one another, but that doesn’t mean they won’t live on. While they will absolutely leave a lasting memory on those who knew them, as well as everybody watching, a physical throwback to Frank’s life was also shown. After taking a shower and looking for some clothes, Joel could be seen wearing one of the shirts Frank had worn in years gone by.

To add another layer of intrigue for fans, those who have played The Last of Us video game from Naughty Dog, on which the HBO series is based, may have noticed another Easter Egg. During one part of Episode 3, Bill wore a shirt that was very reminiscent of one that Ellie wears in The Last of Us Part 2.

Whether or not Ellie in the show will wear the same shirt in the TV show remains to be seen, but it certainly shows that those who are working on The Last of Us HBO series have got fans in the forefront of their mind when creating these episodes.

The Last of Us continues Sunday on HBO, and is available to stream on HBO Max.

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