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The Last of Us HBO Fans React to ‘Communism’ Claims in Episode 6

The Last of Us HBO series had audiences on the edges of their seats once again in Episode 6. While there were fleeting moments of joy, a lot of the sixth installment was rooted in emotional turmoil. One of the escapes from all of that, was what many fans are calling one of the “funniest things” they’ve ever seen on TV: Tommy realizing he’d been living under supposed communism.

After being told by Tommy’s partner Maria how the Jackson community works, Joel responds, “So, communism.” Though Tommy is quick to try and correct him, saying “it ain’t like that,” Maria steps in and says, “This is a commune. We’re communists.”

This sparked quite a response on social media from those watching. A debate is now underway across Twitter and Reddit in particular, discussing the merits and pitfalls of communism, comparing life in a post-apocalyptic world to the one we as viewers are all currently residing in.

The Last of Us communism might actually be socialism

One of the most interesting points made by a viewer of The Last of Us HBO Episode 6, was that the trading of goods meant that there was some sort of private ownership of those goods. This more capitalist approach would push the Jackson community closer to being a socialist environment, rather than a communist one.

Those not interested in the finer details of communism or socialism in The Last of Us, simply enjoyed the humor that the scene had presented. One questioned why characters were still concerned about the label of communism at “the end of the world,” and another told Tommy to “deal with it” when he appeared bemused. It allowed for a real break from the chaos and destruction that surrounds Ellie and Joel’s journey, albeit only for a short moment.

The Last of Us continues with Episode 7 on HBO and HBO Max on Sunday, February 26, 2023.

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